This #clicktip is more of a public service announcement.


I use an iPhone 7 Plus and I love it. No, the large form factor bothers me not at all. This is the model with dual cameras, one for normal wide-angle view as is common on most cell phone cameras, and one portrait lens. Apple does a great job of setting up its users for success by default. All the goodies come turned on like Auto Exposure, Live Photos and Auto Flash.

Let me tell you something very simple about your cell phone camera's flash though:

It will not light an auditorium or stadium.

So your best bet if you're using your cell phone's camera to take pics at an event is to what?


A cell phone camera flash is probably powerful enough to help take a picture of a large group of your friends in front of you, but that thing only has enough power to realistically help you out up to about 10 feet, maybe.

Also, let's be honest. A bunch of cell phone flashes going off at events is fucking bothersome. Bothersome to your fellow audience members and performers alike. Your cell phone camera's flash will actually make the picture worse and bother everyone around you.


If you're taking pics at an event, open your camera app, tap on that lightning bolt and change the setting from Auto to Off. Everyone else at the event will thank me. Um, I mean you. They'll thank you.