Tyler Steimle is a creative portrait and editorial photographer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He began shooting film as a kid, but it wasn't until he had his own kids that he picked up a digital DSLR and never looked back. Now, after over 4 years of obsessive shooting, he is working both mediums. Film and digital. A hybrid photographer, focusing on truth and emotion. Seeing what others don't see. A modern, non-traditional, candid style that strives for timelessness.

An autodidact, Tyler has dedicated himself to self-education and experimentation before all else. Owning gear is only one piece and sets no one apart. Knowledge of how to use it to achieve a vision is an altogether separate and unique skill. Never satisfied, always pushing forward. Surprisingly, this has led Tyler to look backwards a bit.

Read more about his journey back to film here.

View Tyler's Instagram dedicated to film shooting here.

Deciding to mix media as a film and digital photographer brings Tyler closer to what he feels is the point of photography, which is to capture a story, an emotion, a moment. To express for others how we not only see the world,  but how we feel it.

Tyler would like to work with you to achieve a vision.