Shoot Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Model: Jasmine Gedeon
Photo/Post: Tyler Steimle

Sometimes I like contrast, sometimes I like softness. Sometimes I like color. Sometimes I like outtakes, sometimes I like things out of focus. A photo doesn't have to be anything. There are no rules. It's important to remind myself of this.

One of my most productive shoots to this day, Michigan model Jasmine and I worked together for about three hours non-stop. I had lofty expectations for myself to take all of my favorite images and really give them the full Photoshop treatment, but in the end that's just a LOT of time. Like, a lot.

My advice to other photographers (and I definitely need to be better about following this myself) is to put more of your work out there even if it doesn't live up to your initial expectations. What I mean here is that perfectionism can really get in your way. Don't put shit out. Never do that. But if it's a good shot, you probably should share it because in the end you're going to keep shooting (keep shooting!) and there will be more and more good shots and you just can't let your past drag you down.

Put it out there, move on, do better next time.

Jasmine is a sweetheart and a great model. I am quite proud to share this set, and I'll post more soon as well.

Follow Jasmine on Instagram @jxdesiree.